Premium intelligent+ SUV TXL/TX
  • 197

    Max. horse power (Ps)

  • 290

    Max. torque (N·m)

  • 4,775


  • 2,800

    Wheel base(mm)

Pleasantly Handsome

Design language

The model is crafted by Kevin Rice, the design VP & Global Chief Designer, who adopts the Simplicity & Purity design style to express the brand connotations of EXEED featured by high-end intelligence.


The body adopts the straight penetrating lines, which make the vehicle look more modern and stylish. Together with the all-LED smart sensing lamps, it establishes the distinctive appearance style.


Layout and design of trimmings also follow the simplicity & premium principle. The console uses two 10-inch intelligent screens, which are arranged horizontally to better connect and extend to the entire trimmings and ensure easier operation.

The all-LED smart sensing lamps
+ IHC smart full-beam headlights

EXEED utilizes HELLA LED lamps, the brand used by almost all luxury auto brands. When vehicles in the opposite direction drive close, the full-beam headlights will automatically switch to low-beam, so as to prevent the dazzling impact on other drivers.

The 19-inch black sputter coated star wheel hub + safety tyre

Black sputter coated wheel hub on EXEED presents elegance in low profile. Together with the diamond-pattern tyre, it effectively improves grip force, enhances control stability, shortens braking distance and demonstrates both charm and strength.

Exterior courtesy lamp

Life needs sense of ceremony, including the moment of getting into the car. When opening the EXEED’s front door carrying your key, the courtesy lamp is slowly on. The EXEED projected on the ground seems to say, “Welcome to EXEED and let’s exceed.”

Driver seat memory + e-adjusted seat + front seats heating

The EXEED driver seat can remember the sitting position set you oftenuse. The human-face recognition wakens the memory and the seat will automatically make six-direction e-adjustment and two-direction automatic lumbar support according to the memory, so that you can sit more comfortably. When sitting in the front seat in winter, you will feel so warm, happy and comfortable.

HD multiple-point touch screen + all LCD meters

The super-large HD touch screen on console whose full-LCD meters definition reaches 1920*720 and the horizontal -screen floating design ensure you get all information without looking up or down while observing road conditions in the front. In the process of driving, the dashboard and console screens interact with each other. In this way, we can ensure driving safety without changing the driving vision.

Premium genuine-leather with Nappa pattern

Premium seats improve the quality sense of a vehicle. EXEED seats adopt the Nappa-pattern genuine leather, which is often used luxury auto brands and products. The natural texture of genuine leather produces the soft and gentle sense of touch.
Robust power

Super-powerful engine

Super-powerful engine 1.6TGDI and maximum 290Nm take the leading position among the same-class models.

Efficient dual-clutch

Developed together with the world-famous supplier Getrag, so as to better match its own engine. It has better transmission efficiency, faster speed of shift change and better fuel economy.

Solid chassis

The Macpherson independent front suspension and the real multiple-rod independent suspension. Meticulously developed and built by Bentler, the safe and reliable chassis system combines advanced manufacturing techniques and highly-precise modular assembly quality.

Real-time four-wheel drive

The intelligent real-time four-wheel drive system of EXEED can automatically shift the driving model every 0.07 seconds according to the changing road conditions,. The front and rear bridges can realize 0-100% torque distribution. Before you could react, the system would help you make the correct power distribution.
Futuristic intelligence

The first passenger vehicle applies face scan payment

Living-body recognition and night recognition enhance the safety for user login and payment. The users can make personalized settings of Facial Recognition.

First install AR navigation among the same-class

Interaction between HD camera lens and GPS. Support for update of OTA remote map.

The high-precision natural speech system

The high-precision natural speech system ensures fast response. The cloud terminal keeps enriching corpus.

Smart home interconnection

If you purchase smart home, you can log in App Xiaodu Zhijia to find the same model and link it to the Lion Cloud system, which can remotely control smart home or use part of the vehicle functions. When driving home with your loved ones, you can remotely control smart home in advance. At the moment you open the car door, comfortable AC temperature, the fascinating light, graceful music and the sweet smell from the roast oven... will create surprise and romance for your life.

APP remote control

Internet of Vehicles has arrived. It has brought the unprecedented convenience to our life by linking vehicles, Internet and life. Opening APP EXEED Life , you will start the IoV interface, which cannot only start the engine, AC and control lock, but also provide such information as remaining fuel and network traffic.
Considerate and intelligent

ADAS system

EXEED has 11 mainstream ADAS advanced driving assistance functions, which ensure you make access to the deluxe safety configurations to protect you all the time.

FCW with pedestrian recognition

Attention diversion when driving is very dangerous, except you have FCW with pedestrian recognition. When radar detects the potential collision danger, the vehicle will give alarm and present alarm image on the screen. At this time, the vehicle will produce “snub feeling” to remind the drivers to brake before the driver reacts.

TJA+ICATraffic Jam Assist & Integrated Cruise Assist System

Traffic jam always exhausts you physically and mentally. TJA & ICA system can choose car-following mode automatically according to lane line and driving speed, which makes us worry free in the traffic jam.

LKA- Lane Keep Assist

LKA is known as the “second driver”, When cameras detect the vehicle is about to stray from its lane, LKA system will warn the driver by vibrating steering wheel or alarm. If the driver still falls to react, it will steer the vehicle back to the lane automatically.

Six airbags

In case of danger, we are not able to predict the direction of collision. Don’t be scared because EXEED provides you with all-round protection. Six air bags include front driver and passenger airbags, front side air bgas, rear side curtain airbags, which can help to buffer the collision and greatly reduce the impact damage to people in the car.

Integrated high-strength body

EXEED high-strength body adopts cage-type structure. The super high-strength steel reaches 1500 MPa, which can undertake 10 tons top load, providing driver and passengers with strong protection.
Cozy and Enjoyable

Enjoy Free Space

EXEED TXL has a super long wheelbase of 2800mm, providing super large head, legs and riding space for you to stretch legs at will and enjoy the freedom and relaxation.

Super-large Trunk Space Double-layer Design

If you often drive for outing, shopping and visiting friends, this double-layer trunk design will definitely satisfy you. Its space is as large as 461 to 1000L, which allows to store several big size luggage, and the second layer can store some small things. In a word, no longer to worry about the space is not enough.

Air Quality System(AQS)+PM 2.5 Filtration

EXEED adopts AQS and PM 2.5 filtering function.The four-color light strip can always remind you of the air quality level in the car. When the air quality is not good enough, the AC will automatically switch to the internal cycle model to filter the air, keeping the internal air fresh and healthy.

Coaxial Tube Technology AC System Reduce Temperature Instantly

When you get in the car from 40°C outside environment, the internal temperature is even higher? Don’t worry, the AC of EXEED can reduce the temperature quickly. In a few minutes, you can enjoy the comfortable environment with cool temperature.

Arkamys premium audio effect

Arkamys, the luxury audio system from France can optimize audio performance to provide enhanced bassy effect and purer sound quality. 3D stereo and 360°surround sound will create an immersive listening experience.